Music in the Air - IIT Kharagpur forays in the domain of technology development for Music through SA

Music is our perpetual companion – remember those days of romance, those days of partying in joy, and also those days when nothing went well? 

The ability to produce music is one of the most endearing qualities of humans. But like any other talent, musical ability requires nurturing and a proper system of training. Our Indian system of training in classical music is passing through hard times. Our traditional Guru-Sishya-Parampara, where the student imbibes the finer nuances of a raga through hours of face-to-face interactions with the teacher, is becoming hard to sustain in the modern context.

Can technology help? The goals are ambitious. Can technology help in tuning an instrument, or tell you which string in a sitar is off tune? Can technology tell you during practice whether you rendered a bandish correctly?

There are deeper questions that can perhaps be answered from a deeper understanding and perception of In