Celebrating the Success of Sundar Pichai, CEO Elected for Google

On Sunday, 9th August, the Institute announced the name of Sundar Pichai (B.Tech./MT/89/NH) for the Distinguished Alumnus Award and by early morning on August 10th, India woke up to the news of Mr. Pichai being elected as Google’s new CEO. The B.C. Roy Silver Medalist was Dept. topper and was known to teachers for brilliance since his KGP days. 

“Pichai made news already when he was promoted as Senior Vice President of Google. The Institute has stayed connected to Sundar and he has delivered the inaugural lecture at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit  2014 through video-conferencing and was announced as a recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Being proud of him is too less to say, he has led a revolution. The Google products his team ideated and developed over the years, have touched the lives of almost all internet users”, said the Prof. Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay, Dean, Alumni Affairs & International Re