Alvida Chhedi

The iconic Chhedi passed away on March 30 at 8.00 am. He was suffering from kidney problems. May his soul rest in peace. Condelences may be sent to his son Mukhtar, his mobile number is +91 9433629977


Chhedi's Background : Chhedi ( original name Anwar Khan ) came to IIT, Kharagpur with his father Choudhary ( original name Mahammed Raza Khan ) from Gorakhpur. They started selling Tea, Biscuits, Eggs, Toast etc just near IIT Kharagpur Entrance Gate in 1961. Chhedi got 4 sons ( Haider, Akhtar, Firoz & Mukhtar ). He got 3 daughters ( Asma, Shamima, Salma ). Chhedi's Family has settled down at Kharagpur.


Chhedis is no more. I got information that he left for his heavenly abode today 30th March at 8 am. A very recent photo taken on 23rd March by alumnus Ashok Srivastava with Chhedis in the middle is attached. He was suffering from kidney failure. Many generations of KGP-ians like me have f