KGP Faculty helping to restore Puri Temple

Prof. Anandapran Gupta, former head and faculty of Dept. of Civil Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, is on a mission to spearhead the restoration of Puri Jagannath temple. Prof. Gupta who is the Chairman of the Shree Mandir Technical Core Committee (SMTCC) said “the Jagamohana assembly hall of the temple needs to be restored right away. Repair of the 12th century shrine cannot be delayed any further. So, we are going to take an action to strengthen the columns to the maximum possible extent, to see that the beams do not collapse.” These are two objectives in which the committee took the final decision on March 29.

Prof. Gupta an expert in archaeology reviewed the condition of the Jagamohana in the presence of the superintendent of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), members of the SMTCC and members of the committee formed of  sevayats (temple servitors) to oversee the repair of Jagamohana. During the review, Gupta studied different reports on the issue prepar