IIT KGP Startup HiGrit.com – A Legal Tech Startup to help other startups

Technology is the key to drive change in the legal industry. HiGrit is collaborating with Incubators, Start-ups and businesses to become their legal helping hand. 
There is a segment of new age entrepreneurs who prefer to save time and enjoy the convenience of one point solutions for all their CA and legal requirements over internet rather than running around. This customer segment also wants to achieve more transparency and cost effectiveness which is next to impossible in the complex and confusing traditional method of availing legal services. HiGrit bridges this gap between clients and legal professionals. 
India’s legal profession is the world’s second largest, with more than 600,000 lawyers in more than 500 legal practices nationwide and 115,540 practicing chartered accountants.
About HiGrit
Founded by Ashish Bais and Manish Singh,HiGrit.com is a platform, to organize and simplify legal search service, created with a mission to improve and modernize consumer's access to legal assistance and also ensure that registered lawyers get wider audience as prospective clients.
Legal services should be easy to understand and faster to obtain. HiGrit.com ensures this by its 4 types of services-
1. HiGrit Start & Manage business services allows individuals and business, especially start-ups to select a legal service customized as per requirements & budget and receive personalized packaged service. Packages include convenient, one-stop services for Business Incorporation,Tax registrations, Trademark & Copyright and other mandatory compliances.
2. HiGrit’s Free Q&A forum, user can post query and get their legal questions answered for FREE by more than 100 participating lawyers to make a more confident legal decision. User can also research answers to previously asked questions at HiGrit’s Q&A.
3. HiGrit’s ‘Call an Expert Now’ is for instant on-demand legal consultations. Users start with entering their location and post their legal problem, to receive an immediate legal advice phone call, without any of the real-world hassles of talking to secretary, scheduling or driving to law office.
4. HiGrit’s Book an Appointment, user can search local lawyers and book a consultation. HiGrit allows users to intelligently search an expanding database of local lawyers and seamlessly schedule in-person or phone call consultations. Users’ enter location and expertise, to review lawyers’ profile for an appointment with lawyer of their choice. Each lawyer’s profile page includes comprehensive biographic information, reviews, details on fees, and more. Lawyers benefit by now affording the flexibility to talk and meet to new clients as per their schedule.
HiGrit Co-Founders
Manish Singh: Manish has worked as EU Compliance Specialist at Amazon, Europe Headquarters, Luxembourg. He is a graduate from HEC Paris and IIT Kharagpur.
Ashish Singh:Has worked for 5 years as Business Intelligence Consultant in US, Ashish is Masters in Information Systems from Illinois State University.
USP of HiGrit.com
HiGrit associates with regional legal professional to complete services arising from their region as they have their local liaising and familiarity with local manners, resulting in cost effectiveness. It also supports our claim of being an enabler by not getting a service request from southern state and employing a northern state legal professional to complete the service. Most of the competitors are using centralized located professionals to complete service thus taking employment from local professionals.  
HiGrit offers our registered lawyers to blog on HiGrit.com to build their online and social visibility. Clients can also rate, review and recommend the lawyers and their service. If satisfied, there is an online button ‘Recommend’, which helps other users to select and decide their legal representation at HiGrit.com.
Funding and Monetization:
HiGrit.com is India’s fastest growing legal website, with an Alexa Indian ranking of under 10,000 in 5 weeks since launch! HiGrit has received initial seed fund from seasoned entrepreneurs from Chandigarh, -Ashish Mahajan and Sarvesh Sharma, who have partnered with HiGrit to disrupt the traditional, tedious & confusing compliance processes.
HiGrit  plans to use the funds for product development. It is planning to launch an Android app by the end of July and start a calling facility for instant legal consultation. 
Future Plan
HiGrit is soon going to launch a service for startup advice where a budding startup could make an instant phone call to get all the advice they need to make sure their startup is compliant with the law and also they reap all the benefits of government schemes.
HiGrit App for Android on Google Play and iOS on Apple iTunes will be released in Augus