The IIT-Kharagpur US Foundation Announces New Executive Committee Members and Newly Appointed Office

OMAHA, NE--(Marketwired - August 30, 2016) - The IITKGP Foundation is pleased to announce that it has added two members to its Executive Committee, Mr. Roy Da Silva and Praful Kulkarni. Both gentlemen have contributed to the IITKGP Foundation both monetarily and in their volunteerism for the organization. We look forward to having their expertise for meetings and for the growth of the Foundation!
In addition to the new Executive Committee members, two of our members were appointed to offices within the Foundation. Mr. Arjun Malhotra will be serving in the role of President, which he will hold for the next two years and his successor, Mr. Ron Gupta will be Vice President for the two-year term. Both Mr. Gupta and Mr. Malhotra are committed to advancing the IITKGP Foundation in all ways and helping to make our efforts a success!
Erin L. Moran
Executive Director of the IITKGP Foundation 
Phone: 00.402.403.4982