IIT KGP Hits Century for PPOs & Internships

IIT Kharagpur students have got 100+ pre-placement offers (PPOs) from top tier organizations with the fresh start of the autumn semester. Samsung, Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, Hindustan Unilever, Nomura, TATA Steel, Reliance, Citi and Texas Instruments are the recruiters to have made maximum offers out of the total 118 offers received. Students from the Institute have undergone Summer Internship during May & June and the PPOs matured from the internships. Many more PPOs are in the pipeline.
A Final year student placed in a reputed multinational company said - "Academic plays a central role in securing the internship opportunity. In addition to this, a lot of emphasis is laid upon general awareness and a good background in the industry you are applying to. Maintaining a well-rounded personality with good soft skills and the ability to work under pressure has paramount importance. During the internship, the professional acumen, and ability to complete deliverables well before set deadlines and building up on regular constructive feedbacks helped immensely. Also, to get accustomed to the company's workplace culture and building professional relationships within the firm are very crucial to your overall experience." 
The students have also received close to 150 offers for compulsory internship during May-June 2017 within a month of start of internship season. The companies which have made most offers are as Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Visa, Adobe, Linkedin, American Express, Deutsche Bank etc. There has been a balanced mix of both core and non-core engineering companies.
“A student should look for an internship in the field of his/her interest. During the internship, they must show a prolific attitude to take up the tasks and contribute through original thoughts and innovation. One should be able to show an overall positive outlook so that the organization can rely on and offer them the employment as a PPO” said Chairman of Career Development Centre at IIT Kharagpur.
IIT Kharagpur has given special emphasis on improved performance of students in the interviews for internship and placement. The final year students underwenta pre-assessment test in August and one more is scheduled in September. Also soft skills training by professional agencies will be offered to all students.

Article was published in Times of India on September 7, 2016