Alumnus institutes Scholarship and Chair Professorship Awards

IIT Kharagpur announces the Shyamal and Sunanda Ghosh Endowment Scholarship and the Shyamal and Sunanda Ghosh Institute Chair Professorship Award from the Academic Year 2016-17 with a recent contribution of Rs. 40 Lakhs from alumnus Sri Shyamal Ghosh (ME /60/ RP) and his wife Smt. Sunanda Ghosh.

The scholarship will be awarded to the best student of each year for the class of 1st to 4th year of B.Tech.(Hons.)/Dual Degree courses of Mechanical Engineering Department having his/her annual family income not exceeding 10.00 lakh. While the Chair Professorship Award will be awarded for a period of 3 years to a permanent Professor, with research interests in the area of Design and Manufacturing of Mechanical Structures and Mechanisms at IIT Kharagpur in addition to his/her usual Institute salary.

Sri Shyamal Ghosh (ME 226/60, RP) pursued a career in mechanical engineering for 30 years in the field of Material Handling Machine Design. He worked at MAN AG (now MAN SE) in Germany followed by Jessop & Co in India, and as Chief Engineer at Robins Engineers of Tata Robins Fraser in the USA. After opting for an early retirement, he joined American Express (later Ameriprise) and owned a very successful financial planning business for 22 years. He is currently retired and in the USA. Smt. Sunanda Ghosh, Shyamal's wife is an artist (painting and musical instruments) and has received her M.A. from Kolkata University.