Ministry join hands with IIT Kharagpur to promote Make in India

IIT Kharagpur and Dept. of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Govt. of India join hands to boost Make in India

In a move to step-up the Make in India initiative, the Department of Heavy Industry under the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises has partnered with IIT Kharagpur proposing to set up a Center of Excellence on Advanced Manufacturing for Heavy Industries. The Department aims to have Modern, Healthy and Robust Auto, Heavy Engineering, Heavy Electrical & Capital Goods Sectors and Self-reliant & Growth Oriented Public Sector Undertakings. However, to achieve these, there is a critical requirement of extensive research in the area of advanced manufacturing encompassing innovations in product development, process development, and ecosystem generation. 
This is where the Department is collaborating with IIT Kharagpur which has over the years excelled in the field of Advanced Manufacturing. The manufacturing discipline at the Institute has been ranked among world’s top 100 by QS Subject rankings. The Institute has focused centres to promote innovation and entrepreneurship as well as policies to promote them right from undergraduate to doctoral levels. Along with its network partners IIT Kharagpur incubate independent prospective innovators to emerge as entrepreneurs by facilitating through govt. grants and alumni funds, technical guidance and mentoring by academic and industry experts.
“In comparison to Western and Southern India, Eastern has a dearth of such centres of excellence. Being a representative from the state of West Bengal, I am committed to bring central schemes for benefit of the state of the state. Central Govt. has schemes wherein Centres of Excellence like these will receive 80% funding from the Govt. while 20% to be raised by various stakeholders while the facility built could be used by all stakeholders. This was the first meeting regarding the centre with the Institute and industry representatives. Further processing will be done in a time-bound manner. We are looking to formulate this Centre promptly and illumine the eastern part of our country” said Shri Babul Supriyo, Hon. Minister of State (Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises).


Shri Vishvajit Sahay, Joint Secretary of DHI, said “India is heavily dependent on capital goods import. However, there is a clear goal for development of national goods and increasing exports from 27% to 40%. Many projects are being launched to boost manufacturing towards this end. Through this centre local industries big or small will work with IIT Kharagpur for requirement of heavy machineries.”
The Centre will focus on reinvigorating manufacturing in India through technological interventions. It will also boost value additions in terms of innovations in materials, manufacturing processes, new technologies, and bringing academic rigor to industrial and organizational practices. In a recently concluded workshop at IIT Kharagpur the importance of value additions was emphasised with intellectual property in manufacturing products which can add value above 60% in comparison to the current value addition of 15-20%. 
In the Centre modern concepts of IIOT, intelligent, and connected manufacturing will be inculcated through digital interventions. The Centre will further create an ecosystem for indigenization and innovations in the manufacturing sector involving small and medium scale enterprises. It will bring in international expertise through partnerships with the best in the world. It will also create the benchmarks for excellence to help the ministry to shape policy decisions.
“The Centre will cater to current and future R&D needs of heavy industries and MSMEs, delivering prototypes of high quality and supporting not just West Bengal but India to carve out a significant place globally. The Institute will do the R&D and share it with the industries for commercialization. The model will be of a consortium and also promoting start-up culture in this part of the country” added Prof. P P Chakrabarti, Director of IIT Kharagpur.
Research will be conducted on new materials such as new generation steel materials, with improved mechanical properties for various purposes, design of appropriate alloy chemistry etc. Additionally design of new generation machines will be developed. This would include Advanced tooling system for Friction Stir Welding Machines which help substitute high-value imports. Further new manufacturing processes will be developed such as Additive Manufacturing, Surface Engineering etc. Industrial Internet of Things and Digital Analytics, which are critical for Machine Health Monitoring, fuel cost reduction, performance optimization and service planning, will be a key thrust area.
The Centre will create an ecosystem for components required in indigenous heavy equipment in mining, construction, automotive, aerospace etc. It will bring together original equipment manufacturers and SMEs. The original manufacturers will provide requirements for Advanced material design, Structure / body prototyping, Processes to the Centre which in turn will offer the SMEs knowhow on materials prototypes, Manufacturing processes, Training, characterization and testing support. The SMEs shall then supply specialty materials and components to the original equipment manufacturers. Additionally, the Centre shall provide support to original equipment manufacturers for Specialty materials, Advanced processes, Characterization and Prototypes.
Mr. Anil Vaswani, State Council Head of CII is hopeful that this industry-academia collaboration will develop prototyping facility for advanced manufacturing products for all types of industries and make a light shining in the East.
The meeting had presence for many industry representatives including Tata Steel, Intel, HEC Ranchi, BHEL, L&T, Texmaco, Andrew & Yule, TCS, Tractors India etc.