VGSOM Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund

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Why is this Endowment  Critical for VGSoM?

At this juncture of the completion of 25 glorious years, we do not merely strive to celebrate our success, but also look forward to taking tangible strides in making our institute even better in the years to come. We aim to be self-reliant and improve the visibility and impact we have as a business school in the IIT fraternity. The other reasons are:

  • The endowment will become a perpetual system of cash flow for the betterment of VGSOM, especially the welfare of its students.
  • There is an 80% correlation with top-ranking B-Schools and their endowment sizes.
  • Alumni endowment leads to better alumni connectivity which is important for the success of a B-School. 
  • Similar to toppers among UG and PG students in the engineering and science departments of the institute, we would also like to gift cash prizes to our toppers in management studies. Therefore, the endowment money will be used in rewarding the batch toppers. Not only will this incentivize students towards better learning, it will also carve a niche for the institute among the other gems of IIT Kharagpur.

Envisioning Silver Jubilee Vision VGSoM Endowment Fund

It was the philosophy of learn, earn and return which guided our founder into conceptualizing and establishing the Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur. The roots of the foundation of this institute of excellence have been nourished from the love and benevolence of its alumni spread across distant horizons of the globe.

Therefore, your Alma Mater is building a professional Endowment Fund which is critical to the long-term plans of VGSoM. The endowment would be a collection of donations by the alumni, parents, students and every family member of this institute. To ensure sustenance for years to come, the principal of these gifts cannot be spent, but the earning can. When a donor makes a gift to the endowment, the Institute agrees to manage and maintain that gift work for perpetuity.

~ Art of Friend Raising ~

Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund Campaign

The Endowment Committee has set forth an ambitious target of raising INR 1 Crore for the endowment. This amount will be kept in a fixed deposit and the interest earnings out of the same will be utilized for providing the prize money to the toppers of the institute in the years to come. To maintain the perpetuity of our cash flows, only about half of the interest earned would be withdrawn and the rest would be re-invested to ensure the critical amount keeps growing in the times to come. Additionally, as our alumni base grows, we expect the donation amounts to increase manifold as well which would be further utilized for the improvement of the Institute. 

Assuming 8% interest rate of the amount deposited we will generate 8 lakhs per annum as interest. Out of this amount, 4 lakhs will be used and the rest will be reinvested for the growth of the fund. The top 3 students of the graduating batch of MBA will be provided with cash prize of 1.75 lakhs, 1.25 lakhs and 1 lakh. 

Honouring the Pioneers of Endowment

  • Donating alumni will be recognized through VGSoM Donor's Gallery.
  • Special souvenirs and a certificate of appreciation to be designed for the donating batch
  • Your efforts will be publicized through various social media channels to motivate all your batch-mates connected with us to pitch in with their best.

Other ways of contributing in Future Plans of VGSoM In the wake of the silver jubilee, the school has chartered a long-term plan for taking VGSoM to greater heights of glory. The institute plans to establish a Data Analytics and Financial Engineering (DAFE) Lab in the premise to provide state of the art data analytics solutions in the financial domain. Not only will this help the students of VGSoM, but also the students applying for the Financial Engineering programme offered by the school. This proposal will be executed in collaboration with the corporate sector. Also in the pipeline is our idea of association with international institutes for providing a global exposure to our students. We look forward to your assistance in the actualization of both of our plans which will be critical in improving our stature from NIRF 7th to up and above among the top 3 institutes of management.


Total Fund Raisied : Rs..9.70 Lakh

Number of Donors - 42 


For online fund transfer : 

Name of Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd

Name of the Branch: Kharagpur


Account Number: 50100217500400

Account Type: Savings

IFS Code: HDFC0001065 (this is RTGS number)

MICR Code: 721240102


Cheques can be couriered to : 

Anirban Roy (IDE)
Lead - Fund Raising & Corporate Relations (CSR)

Institutional Development Program
Alumni Affairs & International Relations  
IIT Kharagpur - 721302

For more details write to

Donors’ Services:

  • Exemption of Income Tax u/s 80(G) of the Income Tax Act-1961 for Indian Donors.
  • Charitable Donation made to IIT Foundation USA, a 501 (c) (3) organization, are deductible for US Federal and State Income tax purpose.


For any clarification about the VGSOM Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund, please get in touch with Prof C S Mishra, Faculty-in-charge, Alumni Committee at