Director's Pen

We are talking about that useful piece of stationery – pen – that has made and unmade fortunes in a single sweep the world over. Be it the outpourings of the heart in a love letter, the signing of peace or war or the scribbling of an equation, the pen is often the first witness to momentous happenings.

The reigning monarch of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, is believed to sign all her papers with her Parker 51 which she got at the time of her coronation. Is there any doubting its value? Or that of the Parker Duofold that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used for forty years, during which he penned the many cases of Sherlock Holmes?

Albert Einstein’s Waterman and his Pelikan 100 N still find pride of place in a museum in Netherlands together with his work. Recently, Bonhams auctioned Winston Churchills’s Montblanc for no less than £22,000. The value of the writing instrument is directly proportional to the stature of its user.

Given that equation, it should not be difficult to gauge how priceless the pen of the Director of IIT Kharagpur would be. This instrument of writing accords merit where it is due, signs into action work that often changes the face of the country and its society.

In a lighter vein, recall the film “3 Idiots”. The Director of a certain Institute in that film had to wait for 32 years to give away his pen to someone ’extraordinary’. No such wait here. From now on, the pen the Director of IIT Kharagpur has used will be put online. With only INR 10000 you can get it, and the envy of countless other. The amount raised from the campaign will channelled into development activities of IIT Kharapgur.

So this could be your chance to win a collector’s item and show your affection for your beloved alma mater, all at the same time!

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