Alumni Geoscience Seminar 2018

Giving Back – Department of Geology & Geophysics


A Meeting of  Alumni of  the Department of Geology & Geophysics (1970-1980) IIT KGP, at Kolkata on 26th March, 2017, brought forth this initiative to strengthen  the bonds between the Alumni and the Department. In the true spirit of this Department, it was a very informal mingling of ex-students and their ex-professors.


First GG Alumni Seminar at IIT Kharagpur 10th February 2018                                                             


Theme:  Opportunities, New technology, Developments -Global and National


A very positive response from the Head of the Department, and Dean Alumni Affairs has culminated in these first steps of giving back to the Department, hoping to form a continuing dialogue between Alumni, faculty and students. Two events are taking place in February 2018 and would be funded by contributions from Alumni.


  • Objectives:  to present career paths and developments in Earth Sciences through the lens of alumni experience, with a broad perspective of global and national trends and initiate  interaction with faculty and students of the department. Faculty Co-Conveners: Dr. Ravikant Vadlamani, Dr Arun Singh
  • A special volume of GEOS will also be published, with articles contributed by  alumni.  Focus would be on new developments and Alumni experiences. Chief Editor: Prof Abhijit Bhattacharya


Broad Topics to be covered - 


  • Hydrocarbon Industry – Indian scenario  & Challenges 
  • Mining in India:  Growth and challenges                                                                                      
  • Coal scenario: perspective, technological advances
  • Developments in Data analysis   
  • Strategic Minerals: importance & new initiatives 
  • Whole earth initiatives, global strategies                                                                            
  • Multi-faceted institutions:  their structure, roles and new initiatives
  • Remote sensing applications


Seminar: Please respond to us, as to who is attending/with spouse, with accommodation requirements. The Conveners would like to block rooms at the Technology guesthouse.


Geos: Please prepare articles, making the content of interest to the students. 


Funding: For both the above efforts, i.e. a Seminar and a special volume of GEOS, we urge Alumni to participate, share their experience and knowledge and, lastly, contribute funds to make this initiative a success. The aim is also to provide a rolling fund for future interactions with the department. Alumni may contribute according to the guidelines given here, with links for online bank transfers/cheque payments, both for Resident Indian and those domiciled in USA. Income tax exemption details are also provided.  Please donate generously! 


  • Timelines: Funds: Donation window is open from 15th November to 31st January 2018.  Extended                  
  • GEOS Articles: 1st December. Seminar participation: 1st December 2017. Guesthouse bookings: 20th December 2017.  


For any queries please contact us: Facilitators/ Champions of the Cause: 


1. Nandini Nityananda IIG, NGRI, Hyderabad    

2. Sudhanshu  S Bakshi ONGC, GSPC , Ahmedabad    

3. Pranab Sen Chief Geophysicist at Ecopetrol, USA


Utilization of Fund

Earth Science Study Circle (ESSC), a department student body overseen by Faculty. Here the preliminary consensus of the Alumni representatives was (a) The Alumni Seminar event, b) funding the GEOS Special volume, c) excess in ESSC account to further interaction between Alumni (industry) and students. The accounts of the ESSC are managed by a Treasurer (Faculty) along with two Faculty advisors.

All donations made to IIT Kharagpur are 100% tax exempted U/S 80G & exemption applicable under IRS rule for USA, 501(c) organizations.