KGP Endowment for student services

IIT-KGP has a long and historic legacy of Alumni Giving Back which has existed in one or the other form. The Senior Class Gift is yet another chapter to be added in KGP alumni legacy initiated under My Imprint Program. Each year, graduating seniors have the opportunity to leave behind a lasting legacy of their time spent at IIT-KGP. Since 2011, KGP graduating class has raised money through ‘My Imprint Program’ in support of creating KGP Endowment for student services. This longstanding tradition unites seniors to give back in support of the mission of the program— By the Students, For the Students!

Senior Class Gift is a class-based effort directed towards raising unrestricted fund partially used currently and partially going towards Endowment. This particular part of the Endowment would again be utilized for students' services only. It is an opportunity for graduating students to take their first step in being soon-to-be alumni by making their Graduating Class Gift, the gift which impacts student life in the KGP campus. This challenge offers seniors the chance not only to make a gift, but also to leave behind their imprint.

Last year, the graduating class of 2014 collectively opted and contributed for ‘Support to International Participation’. This year, an iconic structure in KGP campus might be expected by the graduating class of 2015 as Senior Class Gift 2015, be it a Grand Pillar Clock on any of the square, campus benches or bus stands around the 2.2 road, water fountain for the beautification of campus or music recording studio.

Graduating students will not share the campus with incoming classes of IIT-KGP but they certainly want their juniors to have access to the same variety of KGP experiences as they did. Senior Class Gift will help provide future students with the education and experience that make the IIT-KGP the special place it is today. It is the collective effort of each graduating student at IIT-KGP, their commonalities that unite them as KGPians. With that momentum and inspiration, we aim to reach at least 25 per cent participation from a class of 2000 graduating students.

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