Class Gift

Class Gift by 1970 Grad Batch a unique place to hang around - ADDA (opposite to the TIKKA circle)

Few experiences are more gratifying than learning; such was the stay at IIT Kharagpur campus during student life. It was more than education, receiving degrees ………. it was a journey from being a teenager to becoming of an adult ready to face challenges the world would throw. To celebrate this journey a Grand Reunion was organized on January 23 – 25, 2015, by the batch of 1970. What the Class is celebrating are the gifts it made to their beloved Alma Mater.

This batch has the history of setting up schools and centers at the Institute. To name some of the other achievements members of this batch contributed to set up the G S Sanyal School of Telecommunication and M N Faruqui Innovation Center by Shri Arjun Malhotra, P K Sinha Center for Bioenergy by Dr. Prabha Kant Sinha, Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management and Uday Agnihotri Chair Professorship by Shri Ranbir Gupta. The best part of this batch is the spirit of Giving Back that too in the honor of others such as batchmates and Professors. These alumni have shared credit of their success with their friends and faculty of KGP which is quite in the line of the traditional Indian education system though not much common in modern-day India.

The Institute has also reciprocated back by supporting the Grand Reunion event and building a monument to commemorate their spirit of giving back. The Reunion was a fun-filled fare for the alumni who graduated more than 45 years back but the cause is a noble one, unique and appealing.

The 3-day program was inaugurated on January 2rd afternoon at the S.N. Bose Auditorium by the Prof. P P Chakrabarti, Director, Ron Gupta, Arjun Malhotra, and spouses of alumni Vijay Varki and Late Uday Agnihotri. This was followed by department visit and participation in the inaugural program of Spring Fest. The 2nd day of the event started with visit to the Nehru Museum followed by an engaging and interactive program at Nalanda Academic Complex at the very classroom endowed by the 1970 batch. The batch enthusiasts shared the experiences of their student life, their emotional bonding with KGP.  Even the spouses took the stage to thank IIT-KGP in transforming their lives. The afternoon session had a special program for the alumni organized by Spring Fest. The festival was much appreciated and an obvious comparison came with the way it used to be celebrated four decades back. On the final day the alumni got the chance to visit their second home – the Halls. Emotions were on an uproar and many took this opportunity to pledge their contribution for the Halls.

Yes it happens in IITs and more so in IIT Kharagpur the oldest the largest and probably the most dynamic with the most committed alumni. And the alumni are here to acknowledge the role of their beloved Alma Mater in their success.