Students’ Development Endowment Campaign for Innovations & Entrepreneurship

Students’ Development Endowment Campaign for Innovations & Entrepreneurship
Through this Endowment Campaign you will be supporting


  • Promotion of Technological Innovative Ideas
  • Exhibit student skills as innovators to the industries and research institutions
  • IIT-KGP to enhance its brand image as hub of innovation and talent
  • Will influence KGP’s ranking nationally and internationally
  • Innovations will attract faculty and students as well






  • Alternative of Placement
  • Support to KGP’s Incubation service
  • Expansion of capital and services through additional investments
  • KGP to enhance creation of work rather than workforce
  • Young entrepreneurs will be ambassadors of KGP brand to IIT aspirants and international forums

Yes you can help with all of these by giving to the Students’ Development Campaign! You will be encouraged to donate towards these innovation and entrepreneurship, to see the name of your much loved IIT-KGP shine in international forums and industry.
Fund Usage — A committee comprising faculty and students will decide on usage of the fund to be disbursed to students.

The students of today will build the tomorrow, lend your hand to them and they will hold the fate of tomorrow.

Please feel free to contact us:
Anirban Roy—

Donors’ Services:

  • Exemption of Income Tax u/s 80(G) of the Income Tax Act-1961 for Indian Donors.
  • Charitable Donation made to IIT Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization, are deductible for US Federal and State Income tax purpose.