Your Hall Your Pride

I's not how much we give . . . but how much love . . . we put into giving

............ Your Hall Your Pride


It has been years since you left your second home - the Halls of IIT-KGP. Most of them have been refurbished and renovated. Some new Halls have come up too. For the students these Halls still stand as the Citadel during the years of stay at the KGP campus. It is time you lend your support to this home of yours and help them be the way you wanted them. To facilitate you help the Halls we have launched the Hall Endowment Campaign.
Modernization in old halls - Appliances like washing machine, electric water heater, microwave

  1. Hall Capacity Building - Uplift amenities and introduce new facilities
  2. Upgrading Mess facility
  3. Recreation rooms - TV room, Sound proof music room, Theatre room
  4. Adding sports facilities - Gym, Table Tennis room, Indoor-outdoor courts for sports facility
  5. Student service and providing support to student clubs - Instruments for clubs like movie camera, DSLR camera, telescope


Yes you can help with all of these by giving to the Hall Endowment Campaign!
You will be encouraged to donate to your respective hall to uplift amenities and introduce new facilities. Hall giving back initiative will help you to reconnect with your old folks to revive the nostalgia of raising the hall tempo.
Hall Usage— Warden and hall president will survey and will decide on the priority requirement of the hall

Donors’ Services:

  • Exemption of Income Tax u/s 80(G) of the Income Tax Act-1961 for Indian Donors.
  • Charitable Donation made to IIT Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization, are deductible for US Federal and State Income tax purpose.


  • The alumni have been a great source of support for us over the years and we could see your enthusiasm increasing.  Hit the 2020 Sixer with your Hall mates, wing mates and achieve this trophy of success and glory for your Halls.
    KGP Halls where you spent the most eventful and colourful years of your life. Now make your Halls a place of grandeur.

    Please feel free to contact us:
    Anirban Roy—

Fund raisied : 

Patel Hall - Rs.1.03 Crore

RP Hall - Rs.27.9 Lakh

Azad Hall - Rs.9 Lakh

RK Hall - Rs.32 Lakh

LLR Hall - Rs.2.7 Lakh

Nehru Hall - Rs.9 lakh