Faculty Chair, Faculty Excellence Award, Students’ Innovation Award

Honour talent, honour bonds

IIT Kharagpur is a centre of learning that nurtures creativity and offers a high degree of autonomy to its Faculty. It wishes to continue this tradition, and your help can ensure it.

Several among the Alumni have succeeded in doing so. From the many Chair Prof institued take this year’s institution of the AK Singh Distinguished Chair Professorships. The 1993 batch of BTech, Electrical Engineering, sought to honour the memory of their class mate, A.K. Singh - a much-loved batch mate and a brilliant police officer - by instituting a Chair Professorship in his name. The AKS Chairs will be held by eminent academicians/scientists/technologists/industry leaders to enable them to carry out state-of-the-art teaching, research and industrial collaboration in AI and Machine Learning at the newly-established Centre of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence.

Mr Shion Deysarkar, CEO and Founder of Datafiniti, and son of distinguished alumni Dr Asoke Deysarkar and Dr Ruma Acharya Deysarkar, donated for three Institute Chair Professorships to encourage research at the Deysarkar Centre of Excellence in Petroleum Engineering. Mr Amitabh Agrawal (EE/1967) gave an endowment for the Amitabh Agrawal Chair Professorship to facilitate teaching, research and industrial collaboration at the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Be part of the talent hunt

Scholarships and awards are an incentive to students. They are recognition of a student’s accomplishments and give him or her confidence to pursue goals. It also helps a student recognize an innate potential early. A scholarship proves to be an added advantage at the time a student wishes to pursue either an academic career or join a profession.

It is very important for students to recognize their own potential early in their academic career so that they foster its growth—receiving recognition from an organization or company helps students take this step. A merit scholarship confirms that a student is capable and will be a great addition to any academic institution or organization.IIT Kharagpur has a number of student scholarships, many given by corporations, foundations and external agencies.

Dr Chandralekha Singh [1988/MSc/PH/SN] and her husband, Dr Jeremy Levy, professors at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, instituted the Student Excellence Awards in the memory of Prof. Mandakini Majumdar (Deshpande) and Prof. G.P. Sastry, teachers and pioneering figures of IIT Kharagpur. The awards were instituted to recognize and support excellence in academics for those who come from families of limited means.

The 1997 batch of Mechanical Engineering (BTech) instituted the Ritesh Ranjan Memorial Scholarship in the memory of their batch mate, Shri Ritesh Ranjan (1997/B.Tech/ME). The scholarship has been instituted to recognize academic excellence in the domain of Mechanical Engineering and to support meritorious undergraduate students in this discipline who come from a family of limited means.

Tower Research Capital, the renowned financial services firm, instituted the Tower Research Capital India Meritorious Scholarship as part of its CSR initiative. This scholarship will be given out every year to eight meritorious students of 2nd or 3rd year BTech of Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering, and M.Sc. in Maths and Computing.

Awards could also be instituted for Student Innovation Endowments to support student-faculty groups. Later on, this endowment can be used for a larger base of students in order to encourage talent and creativity. The Institute is in the process of setting up structured processes to identify, facilitate and develop innovation with involvement of all stakeholders. Innovation is encouraged in multiple domains –

i. Ideas, designs and initial prototypes encouraged now as 1st year projects

ii. Manufacturing Innovations required for making products with industry involvement

iii. Business Process Innovations (products and services) for software and digital processes that may lead to new business strategies.

iv. To encourage research among student by instituting best reasearch award in all the departments. 

Category of funding for Chair Prof :-

Standard: Top up salary – Rs.25000/- p.m, Fully Funded – Rs.1.8 lak p.m. Endowment mode for perpetuity is Rs.70 lak or USD 100000 for top up salary. Fully funded – one time, minimum for three years is Rs.1 crore. Gift mode (exhaustive) Rs.9 lak for three years. **Overhead exclusive. 

Category of funding for Student Award (scholarship, best paper, innovation etc) :-

Standard: Top up award – Rs.50000/- p.a, Endowment mode for perpetuity is Rs.15 lak or USD 22000. [fund machanism may differ in case of special cases]

Current Infrastructure

Tinkering Lab

Mechanical working machines

Electrical/Electronic workbenches and support

Computers, internet collaborative meeting space

Life Sciences, Healthcare (Multispeciality B.C. Roy Hospital coming up)

Rural and Green technologies linkup

Project and program management space

Advanced Manufacturing facilities, workshop and training setups needed to support mega projects of students - Team KART, AGV, AUV, RoboSoccer etc.

Choose where you want to make a difference!Please feel free to contact us:

Anirban Roy

Executive Officer

Lead Fundraising & Corporate Relations — anirban.roy@adm.iitkgp.ac.in

For US citizens link for donation - https://www.iitkgpfoundation.org/donate.html [use the option of "Make a Gift to IITKGP]

Scholarship receipient in recent times: 

Kirttan B Behera Scholarship Award  
Roll No. Name of Recipient(s) Session
14CS10060 Ashrujit Ghoshal 2015-16
132BT30028 Jugal Mohapatra 2015-16
12ME10074 Rajorshi Paul 2015-16
11CH30003 Aditya Banerji 2015-16
15MA40002 Alok Sharma 2016-17
14HS20035 Shashwat Gangwal 2016-17
13BT30028 Jugal Mohapatra 2016-17
12EC35009 Kumar Abhishek 2016-17
16EC10025 Hima Swetha N 2017-18
15CS30037 Tokala Yaswanth Sri Sai Santosh 2017-18
14HS20035 Shashwat Gangwal 2017-18
Sushma Mukhija Memorial Scholarship  
Roll No.  Name of Recipient(s) Year / Session
13CE36001 Karan Kumar Singh 2015-26
13CH10043 Sayantan Dutta 2015-16
13EC32011 Mannem N. Sasikanth 2015-16
13EE35022 Abhinandan Kumar 2015-16
13ME10066 Y. D. Suresh 2015-16
  From AE Dept.- None found suitable 2015-16
13AE30027 P. S. S. Harsha 2016-17
13CE31006 Ashwini Gupta 2016-17
13CH10043 Sayantan Dutta 2016-17
13EC32011 Mannem N. Sasikanth 2016-17
13EE10015 Biswarup Bhattacharya 2016-17
13ME10015 Sougata Hazra 2016-17
14AE30021 Gourav Tayal 2017-18
14CE10048 Sanat Kumar Saha 2017-18
14CH30025 Saumya Suman Mohapatra 2017-18
14EC10016 Dumpa Sandeep Kumar 2017-18
14EE10056 Chandra Prakash Ojha 2017-18
14ME10073 Rahul Goel 2017-18
Goralal Syngal and Kamalavati Syngal Memorial Scholarship
Roll No.  Name of Recipient(s) Year / Session
16CS10029 K S Ravi Teja 2017-18
16CS10058 Lovish Chopra 2017-18
16CS10061 G. Vishal 2017-18
16CS30041 Kayastha Dhruv 2017-18
16CS30042 Aditya Rastogi 2017-18
17CS10017 Jyotisman Das 2017-18
17CS10042 Rathin Singha 2017-18
Ritesh Ranjan Memorial Scholarship  
Roll No.  Name of Recipient(s) Year / Session
17ME10075 Aniruddha Saha 2018-19
Shyamal Ghosh & Sunanda Ghosh Scholarship  
Roll No.  Name of Recipient(s) Year / Session
15ME10037 Mirani Saurabh Himatlal 2017-18
Vinod Gupta Leadership Scholarship  
Roll No.  Name of Recipient(s) Year / Session
15AG30011 Shri Mrigank 2017-18
Chandralekha Singh & Jeremy Levy Scholarship: 
Honouring Prof. G.P Sastry and Prof. Mandakini Majumdar
Roll No.  Name of Recipient(s) Year / Session
15CS30043 Prajwal Singhania 2017-18
14AE30017 Shubham Jena 2017-18



Donors’ Services:

  • Exemption of Income Tax u/s 80(G) of the Income Tax Act-1961 for Indian Donors.
  • Charitable Donation made to IIT Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization, are deductible for US Federal and State Income tax purpose.


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