Clock Tower

Clock Tower

Class Gift is a novel way of giving back to your Alma Mater. Collectively, a graduating batch can identify a project and donate for the cause. This can be arranged even before the batch actually steps out of the Institute’s portals through a programme called “My Imprint”, where the class donates the ‘caution money’, deposited during the time of entry, to be used for student welfare projects.

For those who have already graduated, it works differently but as easily. The batch has to take the initiative, put their heads together and focus on any one thing that they believe is essential for the wellbeing of the Institute and the community that lives on its campus.

A Class Gift is something that is tangible, something no one could ever miss. For example, the Class of 2016 had donated steel benches that now dot the 2.2. You can never fail to spot them, can you?

Other batches have been more imaginative. The Batch of 1970, for example, decided to leave their lasting legacy by sculpting what is known as ADDA. Inspired by the logo of the Institute, they have sponsored a sculpture that looks like a metallic halo that is grounded in a beautiful garden adjoining the academic complex. With the towering sculpture of ADDA in the background, students, staff, visitors can sit and contemplate, meditate or converse to their heart’s content in the peace and quiet of the surrounding garden.

It was during their "Grand Reunion" of 2015 that the Batch of 1970 had announced that they would come up with such a facility, where students could stop for a few minutes or meet with friends and the visiting Alumni could stop by for a photo-op. A photo by the ADDA is now a must-have for all graduating batches.

The batches who decide to give a ‘Class Gift’ come for a special three day get-together termed the "Grand Reunion". The three days are dedicated to felicitating this single batch. During the Grand Reunion, the batch unveils or inaugurates their gift to IIT Kharagpur in a special ceremony.

The latest initiative is being the Clock Tower project initiated by the Batch of 1967 and supported by all other Batches at the Tikka Circle. 

So think up a Class Gift, help it materialize and celebrate your own Grand Reunion!

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