Pre Order Coffee Table Photo Book titled 'Impact of IIT Alumni in USA'

Dear KGP-ians,

A coffee-table photo book  (Hard cover, 112 pages, 46 photographs, Price $19) titled ' Impact of IIT Alumni in USA' celebrates the influence made by nearly 50,000 IIT alums living in the USA.  Details ,

This book  is supported by some of the most prominent IIT-ians from all IIT campuses, and will we unveiled at The IIT Alumni Global Conference 2015 in July, with 3000 copies reserved for purchase by conference attendees for delivery at the conference. Registrants will be informed to place their orders separately .  

Alumni who are NOT attending the conference can order the book directly from, the photo journalist , Shyamal Roys website at. and  these books will be delivered by mail. The cost will be $25 andincludes