IIT - Kharagpur -Invitation to Biocon for the Campus Recruitment Programme 2021-2022

IIT - Kharagpur -Invitation to Biocon for the Campus Recruitment Programme 2021-2022

Position: Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist, ADL

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Execution of experiments for analytical method development/ qualification/ transfer, in-process/ stability sample testing, biosimilarity analysis and for evaluation of new high throughput formats of testing using chromatography (HPLC/UPLC), electrophoresis / capillary electrophoresis, UV spectrophotometer, and other high-end analytical tools
  • Record the experiment details (procedure, controls, analyses, and observation of the experiments) accurately and completely following good documentation practices in electronic laboratory notebook
  • Communication of data to cross-functional teams, compilation of data for reports and participate in internal group meetings. Perform data trending on a regular basis.
  • Prepare documents such as method development reports, protocols, instrument operation procedures, author change controls and deviations
  • Perform literature survey of assays, support in experimental design based on historical data and troubleshooting of experiments
  • Maintain equipment and instruments in coordination with instrumentation team and support installation of new equipment and prepare Equipment/Instrument operating procedures
  • Regularly track inventory of consumables/ critical reagents and making sure they are ordered and follow-up of the ordered material and support in laboratory maintenance


Degree in life sciences such as biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, analytical chemistry or closely related field


Required Experience

  • Relevant experience in renowned biopharmaceutical companies
  • Adequate experience in chromatographic techniques such as IEC, RP, SEC, HILIC etc for protein therapeutics. Experience in excipient analysis using ELSD, CAD and MS platforms preferred.
  • Experience in handling instruments like HPLC, CE, UV spectrophotometer, SoloVPE, Octet, Maurice, Microplate Reader is desired.
  • Ability to contribute towards experimental design, troubleshooting in a team environment.
  • Experience analysing data using relevant instrument software and familiarity with statistical tools is desired
  • Knowledge of ICH, WHO, USP guidelines for development, qualification, transfer, validation is desirable is essential and experience with electronic laboratory notebook system is desired.
  • Ability to communicate ideas, concepts and be a team player