IITKGP Alumni Association, Mumbai Chapter KGP Thursdays!

The evening of Thursday the 28th of November at the Auditorium of the Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay started with a gathering of old friends and alumni, KGPians all, catching up with each other over some tea and snacks.

The program commenced with a speech by Mr. Kalyaneshwar Prasad Bakshi (IAS) on the subject of Water Resource Management in the State of Maharashtra. He described various schemes by the government of the state to address the scarcity of water and introduced the audience to the concept of a measurable cost of water as opposed to the arbitrary was in which water is taxed today.

It was interesting to note that 75% of the available water in our state is used for agricultural irrigation, 10% for domestic consumption and 15% for industrial use.

He highlighted 'Drip irrigation' as one of the better solutions for saving water in irrigation. 

Water recycling by housing colonies in the state helps save water on the domestic front.

The audience enjoyed the humorous way he spoke about sugarcane farming.

Dr. Rahul Banerjee's every word carried the hint of selfless dedication he has for the cause of water resources management. He assured us an engineering degree was not required to conserve natural water and explained how people in remote areas, come together to conserve and enrich natural water reserves at villages, by building micro reservoirs. 

He also pointed out the difference between greywater and black water. And how much more economical it is to treat water by not allowing it to become black, treating/recycling it at the greywater stage itself.

Mr Rajen Kaul drew on his years of industry experience and further elaborated on the technology involved in greywater treatment.

Mr Satyajit Bhatakal shared his experience of running the hit TV show ' Satyamev Jayate’, together with Amir Khan.

He explained how media can positively and visibly change mindsets, as was done by the show.

He also pointed out the relevance of focus, even to do good work. As efforts were getting diffused, although, between highly beneficial social causes, he still decided to stop the show, and focus on one thing - Water conservation. 

The last presentation was by Prof. Amit Kumar Dikshit of IIT Bombay. He tried to bring home the point that efforts need to be narrowed down to a concrete plan. He used various graphic presentations to alert us of the dire situation, in which planet earth may actually run out of water in the coming time.

At the end of the event, we walked our talk, and properly arranged distribution of the leftover snacks boxes and water bottles, and not throw them away like garbage.

KGP Thursdays!

30 Jan 2020: ‘Milk we never knew’, and ‘Startups in Dairy Tech’.

Guest Speaker: Sri Arun Dada Patil, Chairman - Indian Dairy Association Western Zone [ IIT KGP VS 77 ]

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Till then, let's all keep our tempo high as always!