Swagtam KGPians

"You will be glad to know that all the KGP alumni chapters are planning a get together of KGPians in specific towns on 9th or 10th July, 2016 - 'Swagtam KGPians'.

It will be a welcome function for the freshly passing out students from IIT KGP who have sought employment in a particular town. It is expected that these freshers in the job market will be very keen to connect with the well settled KGPians in those cities. Some of these freshers may be totally new to these metros and therefore elder alumni can be of great help. So the fresh alumni can connect with the Chapter Presidents/VPs/G.Secs/active KGPians to get full details.

During this function, chapters are also planning to welcome the successful JEE candidates from their city who have decided to join IIT Kharagpur. I am sure they will jump at this opportunity to connect with not only the just passing out batch but even senior alumni of IIT KGP residing in their city. Many of these stud