Alumni Email

User Policy

  • The primary purpose of the Alumni Email Service is to provide the Alumni of the Institute with an official lifelong email id associated with the IIT Kharagpur name. The email account may not be used for mail storage. All emails received at the Alumni Email account shall be forwarded to a pre-specified primary email address (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.) of the user automatically. The user may also use this id for sending mails either by directly logging in to his/her alumni mail account, or by suitably configuring his/her primary mail account (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.) to use the alumni mail id from their primary email account.

  • Each email id will be provided with 200 MB of storage for short term needs. The user is responsible for ensuring that the quota is not exceeded if he/she decides to use the storage. The user is also responsible for forwarding and/or backing up any important mails in his/her account and IIT Kharagpur is not liable for any loss of data arising out of system failures or any other reason.

  • Alumni Email Services is a complimentary and free email service provided by IIT Kharagpur to the Alumni of the Institute for non-commercial purposes such as for fostering close relationship and for maintaining communication among alumni and also with the institute, and it should strictly be used for such purposes only. The service shall not be used to engage in commercial activities, for making any unauthorized representation related to the Institute, communicating on behalf of the Institute without authorization of the Institute, or publicly defame the institute or its employees or students.

  • Users shall not use the Alumni Email Services to send any information that may harm, threaten, intimidate, or harass others, or may be otherwise considered objectionable or illegal as per law.

  • Users shall not use the Alumni Mail Services for activities such as email spoofing, email spamming, sending malicious codes or viruses, email bombing, email frauds, causing security breaches etc.

  • Users shall not reveal their login and email password to anyone. Users shall be responsible for maintaining the security of their password, and all functions performed from the accounts assigned to them.

  • IIT Kharagpur will cooperate in any legal investigations resulting from any breach of this policy and may, at its own discretion, furnish the relevant authorities/parties with the relevant information. IIT Kharagpur shall also act in accordance with law on any matter related to such email accounts in respect of privacy and exposure and the user’s consent to any such disclosure shall be deemed by acceptance of this Policy.

  • The Institute reserves the right to terminate or suspend the service with appropriate advance notice at its sole discretion if it is found to be impractical to continue the service at a later date. Similarly, while the Institute shall make all reasonable efforts to maintain smooth running of the Alumni Email Service, the Institute shall not be responsible for any temporary suspension or disruption of the service due to any reason.